PVC Pipe Manufacturers

PVC Pipe Manufacturer

First Austrian PVC Pipe Manufacturer to Establish Production in China (1988)

A major success for Dietzel Univolt was in 1988 when the company was granted approval to be the first Austrian PVC pipe manufacturer to establish production operations in China. This served as a foundation to access the Southeast Asian markets.

PVC Pipe Manufacturers

The focus of PVC pipe manufacturer Dietzel Univolt has always been to prepare for a globalised world market. Today the Univolt product range is installed in major projects on five continent.

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PVC rigid conduit (pipe 管), fittings and the trunking for cables are manufactured in China, Vienna and Slovakia by Dietzel Univolt.

The Univolt brand is marketed and distributed in China, Hong Kong, Macau and South Asia by PVC conduit company LSZHFR LTD. Ensuring you a reliable and steadfast supply.

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Dietzel univolt has been pvc pipe mANUFACTURING FOR 85 YEARS.

Shortly after the establishment of the company in 1938 Dietzel Univolt introduced the first rigid conduit to the market. This was followed by the development of plastic flexible conduit. And then after the PVC electrical conduit pipe was successful, then followed the fittings and trunking for cables.

The complete electrical cable management system was successfully developed by Dietzel Univolt.


  • 1960 Germany – Dietzel Electro GmbH, Fürth
  • 1982 Canada – UNIVOLT-Canada Ltd. Toronto
  • 1986 Australia CLIPSAL-Extrusion Pty. Adelaide
  • 1988 China – BOWDEN Extrusion (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong
  • 1989 China – CLIPSAL-UNIVOLT Extrusion Ltd., Huizhou
  • 1990 England – UNIVOLT (UK) Ltd., London
  • 1992 Hungary – UNIVOLT Hungária Kft., Budapest
  • 1994 Slovakia – UNIVOLT-REMAT Pezinok
  • 2006 China – UNIVOLT Extrusion (Dongguan) Co. Ltd., Dongguan

Now, with a range of over 10,000 items, Univolt electrical conduit products can be found across the world in major construction sites and in important building projects. See some of our project references here:

The overall annual production of pvc pipe supplies comprises more than 120 million metres of electrical conduit and around 60 million pieces of electrical conduit fittings.

Dietzel Univolt today serves customers in more than 80 countries around the globe.

PVC Pipe Manufacturers

Univolt manufactures a wide range of PVC products for your electrical needs. Whether you need rigid or flexible conduit, trunking for cables, pipe fittings or more, you can count on Univolt. We’re here to help you with the best solutions for your projects, and to support you along the way.

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