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Univolt’s catalogues show you a comprehensive range of PVC pipe, fittings, and trunking for cables, providing solutions for all your electrical projects.

Hong Kong & Macau PVC Pipe Fitting Catalogue

PVC Electrical Conduit Catalogue

HK/Macau Contract General Univolt PVC Conduit and Fittings range includes white, grey and black pvc pipe. Flexible PVC tubing, the full suite of PVC connectors, and small and medium diameter PVC pipe and fittings.

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pvc pipe and fittings

PVC LSF – Lower Smoke Fume

What is PVC/LSF? – An incremental improvement over standard PVC pipe and fittings. PVC/LSF offers increased flame retardancy and reduced smoke output compared to standard PVC pipe.

Benefits of PVC/LSFLower Smoke Fume (PVC LSF) offers lower emissions than standard PVC hence PVC LSF lies somewhere between that of PVC and LSF0H. Reduces smoke release by up to
65% in the first 4 minutes of a fire. Lower smoke – Increased flame retardancy.

pvc electrical conduit

Conduits from PVC and Accessories

Versatile: Dietzel Univolt® offers the appropriate solution for any kind of electrical installation. Superior quality features characterise the extensive product choice of pvc electrical conduits, pipe fittings and accessories,

Reliable: Our PVC electrcial conduits have been used around the world for decades and contributed considerably to the safety of man and material in the electrical engineering industry.

Resistant: Increased mechanical properties and outstanding chemical resistance make our pvc electrical conduit and fittings the ideal protection system for cables.

flexible pvc pipe

PVC Flexible Electrical Conduit – 10yr UV Stable

Flexible PVC Pipe: pliable with sectional corrugation, corrugated pipe, flexible conduit for flush and surface mounting, hollow wall and concrete. Grey color standard. Available in black (similar to RAL 9005); for flush and surface mounting, hollow wall and concrete.

flexible pvc pipe

Protective Conduits and Accessories

Flexible: Excellent durability even under permanent strains and resistance to mechanical stresses are the most distinctive properties of Univolt® protective flexible electrical conduit.

A broad spectrum of possible applications in plant and machine construction complements vast stability against chemical and environmental influences.

Efficient: The quick mounting system of halogen-free accessories makes the assembly of protective electrical conduits and electrical glands easy and efficient. No special tools are required, yet working is neither complicated nor strenuous.

low smoke halogen free conduit

Halogen-Free Conduits and Accessories

Genuine: Only products of the HFT® series combine the advantages of low smoke halogen free conduit and flame retardant polypropylene pipe electrical conduit materials. Dietzel Univolt® has been the pioneer in the development of such systems.

Safe: Where the safety of human lives and material assets has highest priority, our LSOH-FR systems have an essential share in limiting the damages and consequences of fires.

Advanced: HFT® electrical conduit products comply with the most recent installation standards and ideally complement halogen-free cables of any kind. Additionally, HFT® ‘Next Generation‘ provides scope for an extended range of applications with safety requirements according to LSF0H.

electrical conduit box

Installation Boxes Surface Installation and Concealed Cabling

Suited: The product range of Dietzel Univolt® electrical conduit boxes not only represents the optimal supplement for all the installation programmes, but also meets the prevailing international standards in conduit junction box low voltage engineering.

Extensive: Univolt® is a recognised brand for specialisation and quality in the electrical installation industry. This is reflected by the rich selection of pvc junction box accessories and components for concealed cablings and surface mountings as well as for cavity walls, machine and plant constructions.

Trunking for Cables – Trunking System in Electrical Wiring

The best tools for cable management, Univolt electrical cable trunking system.

  • Univolt Mini Trunking
  • Univolt Maxi Trunking
  • Univolt Starline Trunking
  • Oval, Conduit, Surface Boxes
  • PVC Bench Trunking
  • Aluminium Power Pole
  • Power Posts
electrical conduit pipe

General Information – Figures, Data, Facts

Technical: This pvc pipe fittings catalogue contains the annotations regarding the relevant electrical conduit standards referred to throughout catalogues above and the material properties of Univolt products.

PVC pipe,

Full Catalogue PVC, LSOH, HFT, LSZH-FR

PVC Pipe / Electrical Conduit: Ideal for low-risk buildings, correctly specified PVC products offer flexibility and cost advantages over LSFOH.

PVC/LSF: An incremental improvement over standard rigid and flexible PVC products, increased flame retardancy and reduced smoke output compared to standard PVC.

LSF0H: Also known as LSZH, LS0H, LSFH, 0HLS, ZHFR, LSZH-FR. Containing less than 0.5% halogens and minimal smoke generation, ideal for public buildings, airports, railways, commercial buildings data centres and all escape routes.

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