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Electrical Cable Management Systems Defined

Embarking on a Journey through Electrical Cable Management Systems. 85 Years of Innovation

In 1938 Univolt embarked on a mission to redefine Electrical Cable Management Systems and how we handle the intricate cables powering our lives. Since introducing PVC electrical conduit, trunking, fittings, and junction boxes Univolt products have become synonymous with quality and performance. The Univolt legacy is not just about existing products; it’s about pioneering solutions that withstand the test of time.

Our systems are expertly engineered to organize, protect, and streamline essential conduits. Whether indoors or outdoors, our PVC electrical conduits stand tall, protecting your cables from impact and shielding them from UV rays and corrosion, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Behind the scenes, your cables are gracefully protected, thanks to a legacy of Univolt innovation spanning generations.

1. PVC Electrical Conduit: The Backbone of Power

Consider our PVC electrical conduits as the sturdy spine of your electrical setup. The rigid electrical conduits ensure power flows smoothly, shielding your cables while flexibly accommodating intricate routes; indoors or outdoors, ready for the harshest environments.

2. Trunking: Where Functionality Meets Style

Now, let’s discuss trunking – the sleek organizer for your cables, a cable runway guiding wires with elegance. Beyond functionality, it adds a touch of elegance to any space. Available in various sizes and finishes, Univolt trunking seamlessly blends into your space’s vibe, covering your cable chaos whether you’re in a large office tower or cozy home office.

3. Fittings: The Precision Crafters

Precision is crucial, especially in fittings. These connectors are the puzzle pieces completing your electrical system. Couplers, bends, adaptors – engineered with exacting standards, ensuring secure and reliable connections.

4. Junction Boxes: Control Centers

Imagine a junction box as a control room within your electrical distribution. This is the space where the cables meet and depart. Practical, durable and easy to install in various sizes and configurations.

Revolutionizing Industries and Building Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

Univolt electrical cable management systems as unsung heroes behind the scenes – shaping the world we live in:

1. Commercial and Residential Spaces: Where Function Meets Form

In your favorite coffee shop, or cosy apartment tower, Univolt electrical cable management systems act as interior designers for the electrical world. Hiding cables in elegant trunking, they ensure everything runs smoothly, making spaces safe, functional, and beautiful.

2. Industrial Complexes: Where Tough Meets Reliable

In industrial complexes, where reliability is non-negotiable, Univolt cable management systems act as unsung guardians. They protect vital cables from extreme conditions, ensuring improved safety, fewer hiccups, less downtime, and smoother operations.

3. Infrastructure Projects: Powering the World

Imagine grand infrastructure projects shaping cities, airports connecting nations, and lighting up our lives. Our cable management solutions are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, contributing to robust electrical systems.

What Makes Us Experts?

With 85 years of experience, our journey has been a masterclass. We’ve honed our expertise, tackling challenges, and ensuring our team speaks the language of cable management systems. From initial design sketches to selecting the perfect products, we’re backstage, making sure everything clicks into place.


Univolt are the pioneers in electrical cable management systems. We hold the pass to the future in the cable management industry. With 85 years of expertise, we don’t just power things; we empower them.

And that’s the story of how our electrical cable management systems quietly shape the world. Partner with us

View the full range of electrical conduit types in our online Univolt Electrical Conduit Catalogue.

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